Advent Calendar, up!


It’s tradition in my family to put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday). Even though I’m not with my family, I keep the tradition alive. Now that it’s officially the 1st of December, I have my … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Or Friendsgiving! These last couple of years, I’ve celebrated more Friendsgivings. This year, I will be celebrating with some of my closest friends here in Paris, but on Saturday (seeing we don’t get the day off in France…). However at work, we’re having a potluck with my American, Canadian, British and French colleagues (yes, let’s introduce everyone to our holiday and delicious food).  My family celebrated yesterday and today! Everyone is doing something and whether you eat turkey or not (lots of vegetarians in my life), it’s a time for friends and family to give thanks for what and who they have in their lives. As for me, I’m quite thankful and lucky to be surrounded by such lovely and supportive people, near or far. My life in Paris has unfolded in a way I never imagined, and I’m so thankful for everyone who made that possible! La vie est belle. Profitez-en!